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NEW PU Lattice Texturet Laptop Stand

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SINEX uses PU material and lattice texture, try to choose the material and grasp the color as much as possible Simple and low-key. The lattice texture on the details can be well embellished; it looks simple from a distance, but it is rich in detail. In line with modern fashion trends. This one has light weight, wear resistance, non-slip, water repellent, It is not easy to deform and durable.



  • Model: SINEX-LB1 LB2
  • Weight: 400g (13, 14 inches), 470g (15, 16 inches)
  • Size:  357mm*257mm*18mm (13, 14 inches), 387mm*277mm*18mm (15, 16 inches)
  • Bracket angle: 15°, 35°
  • Thickness: 18cm
  • Color: gray, blue, green, pink
  • Material: polyurethane (PU), rubber, fiberglass, magnet